Sar Pass – 4200M – June 24, 2023

Many that know me well understand why I go out on trekking adventures. In short, they are my therapy and have been for years.

Whenever I feel broken or burnt out, I can always go to the mountain and lean on it for support.

But it doesn’t give support easily. I have to work, fight and earn it. This fight pushes me to better places, both internally and externally.

While I’ve always loved this sport and its physical, emotional, and mental outcomes – I’ve been somewhat unconscious as to why trekking as a median is so strong in fostering or accelerating improvements.

The big realization on this journey – mountain sports, unlike many other human activities or healing programs, are ones we can’t quit.

When up on the mountain, we suffer from all sorts of challenges. This suffering is a form of healing.

In life, business etc, when suffering arises there’s typically an opportunity for easy exits or alternative paths, and to exercise the human response of flight vs. fight.

We simply cannot do this on a mountain and most oftentimes the easiest way out is to finish. We must fight and break through our suffering.

Motion is medicine. If we don’t stop moving towards the final destination, a break will come.

It’s very special to take part in the process and one of the coolest things now is sharing this median with the world via commercial offerings.

My fellow American, Alex Doll who joined us on the CH pass trek a week ago came out to join on a Sar Pass expedition Parvati.

But on day 2, we both encountered serious physical ailments – fever and sinus infection for me, and severe stomach issues for him.

It was one of the most challenging moments of my life – to break through my own suffering and hold space to support my client.

We struggled and suffered on the mountain but broke through. And in that breakthrough came newfound love, Joy, gratitude, and belief in oneself and the power we possess as humans. It’s an indescribable feeling.

And because of our breakthrough, we accessed a divine and once-in-a-lifetime moment pictured below. It was the climax of the experience.

I share this because we all experience the struggle. It’s fundamentally human and a part of the business.

While we are arguably better than ever as an organization, we still struggle to maximize profitability, improve marketing effectiveness, data management etc.

And we struggle at times to be a team that loves to be a team.

These breakthroughs on the mountain always provide newfound hope of what’s possible when we stay in the game and fight for success.

I’m excited to join you all again to continue our journey up the mountain, and to become a better business and team.

I believe in my heart that our struggle will lead to success.

Hope you all feel the same.