Our CJOs Annual Thanksgiving Message

About five years ago, at the ripe age of 29, I made the decision to ‘retire’ from corporate. I was filled with financial abundance, after years of advancing in the ‘system’ but lacking in what mattered most… A zest for life and general gratitude for existence. At the time, I desired more meaningful work, and […]

The Future of EcoTourism

Pre-Pandemic Eco-Tourism was one of the fastest growing industries in the world, at a globally annualised rate of nearly 17% per year. While the new data is yet to be published, it’s clear from country level reporting that the trend has accelerated with the advent of COVID, albeit in different ways.  Tourism is still on […]

A Recipe for Joy

Much has been written about the ‘lying flat’ movement and the greatest exodus of human capital in the modern era. Professional workers globally are ditching their desk jobs and urban lifestyles in the pursuit of a more fulfilling future. It’s no surprise to me, as someone who’s seen both sides and was a first mover […]