Organizations across the globe are evaluating engagement models to drive performance, with many migrating to remote or hybrid approaches.

Our Communities are designed to optimize productivity for remote workforces - supporting employees from multinational companies like Google, Microsoft, EY, Deloitte & Credit Suisse

Robinhood Retreats are Tailored Team Experiences, to help team’s ‘break-through’, accomplish strategic priorities, drive alignment, collaboration and wellbeing.

Workation, a new trend in the WFH & hybrid era – where professionals take their passions on the road to popular travel destinations!

In a recent poll amongst Indian urban co-working space subscribers, ~75% of subscribers will workcation this upcoming year!

While Workations are in High Demand, a Shortage of Professional and Reliable Suppliers Create Challenges for Employees and Workforces at Large.

The Robinhood Workation Solution

Reliable Wifi Networks, Onsite Power Backup

Direct Communication with Corporate Team

Peacefulness & Space to Unwind

Superior Amenities – Onsite Cafes, Vegan and Dietary Specific Plans

Wellness Plans – Trekking, Yoga, Camping, Community Sharing Activities

Concierge Services to Ensure Safe & Convenient Logistics

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