The bitter irony of ‘ecotourism‘ is that as this industry continues to boom, so does the risk of environmental catastrophe in sensitive ecosystems, like the Himalayas.

As tourism traffic rises in this iconic region, so too do its waste backlogs and Co2 emissions (just 2 effects) – which are already causing damage to glaciers and the environment at large.

Unlike in Western markets where government plays a significant role in regulations, mandates etc, this region (and the broader eco industry at large) is governed mainly by consumer behaviour, with no backstops to check the growing economies.

It’s essential for businesses and consumers in markets like this to recognize the risks and conduct themselves as stewards of the surrounding environments.

Without collective, broad-based awareness and adoption of safe environmental practices, these ecosystems (and economies) are doomed to fail.

We at Robinhood Co-Living aim to change the paradigm, acting as leaders in the war against the earth, in the hopes of inspiring our industry colleagues and consumers that they too can be ‘Robinhood‘ and serve ecosystems whilst travelling.

Here is a video produced in 2021 that highlights our successes on its first social impact project. A success which we intend to scale via our commercial expansion.

Happy to connect with anyone (both individual or company) that wishes to learn more about the cause and/or expresses a willingness to contribute.

Because success only happens when we all come together as one Earth to solve this existential threat.