What is the meaning of existence, why are we here and why do professional communities typically avoid discussing these topics?

We live a seemingly independent human existence. Our reality is ours alone, and no one else experiences it.

However, our reality, at least at some level, is a choice and every reality exists in this moment.

The only thing that separates us from this is the mind.

And at the core, we all experience the same emotions – happiness, Joy, sorrow, anger etc.

A Non Dual understanding of the world says that we are not the mind, or an individual but rather these emotions themselves.

We are happy. We are Joy. We are love.

If we separate our subjective views on reality (created in the mind) and embrace this ‘oneness’ it becomes a path to peace and lasting happiness.

I wish I could take credit for unlocking this truth however, it’s been expressed universally, for thousands of years across religions, geographies and peoples.

So if Christian, Shamanic, Buddhist, and Vedic philosophies (to name a few) all place a paramount importance to this theme – why is it almost never discussed in professional circles?

Professionals want to find peace, be Joyful and feel connected!

I believe most of us (in today’s society) experience the ‘rat race’ – running around the cage and competing against each other.

This is supported and nurtured by the physical constructs of capitalism

But at the core, competition exacerbates the sense of self, detaches us from the non-dual nature, and can prevent us from feeling Joy and lasting happiness.

When we appreciate non-duality, and that everything is connected, it elevates our consciousness and puts us on a path towards enlightenment – pure and lasting bliss.

So stop fighting with your colleagues, collaborate more vs. competing, be a champion of sharing humanity with others and we might all get there sooner…