About five years ago, at the ripe age of 29, I made the decision to ‘retire’ from corporate.

I was filled with financial abundance, after years of advancing in the ‘system’ but lacking in what mattered most… A zest for life and general gratitude for existence.

At the time, I desired more meaningful work, and remember writing to colleagues that my goal in traveling was to leverage the years of learnings to drive sustainable outcomes for humanity (it was ambiguous and unknown!).

I look back at the decisions made over the years, the many ups and downs, twists and turns and couldn’t be more grateful for what’s transpired – far beyond my expectations of ‘possible’.

Amidst this traveling journey, in what some might call ‘divine intervention’, I was inspired to create (or directed) to build a brand that serves, and brings balance back. That was 2019.

It started as one man with an original idea, to help similar suffering professionals and ecosystems by creating compassionate community spaces that give back in a meaningful way.

Flash forward…in just 2 years, we now have a pan Indian (and first in class) leadership team, with 2 beautiful locations, thousands of amazing customers, interested investors and a roadmap to become a global brand.

And personally, I’m pushing everyday to higher peaks (both literally and in life), and tackle my days with more energy and fun loving enthusiasm then ever before.

Back then, I spent my Sundays wasting away in on a couch or bar watching sports. Now I seek the summits or a peaceful sit in nature, opening the mind and heart to newfound Joy.

Gratitude is an understatement!

And perhaps what I’m most grateful for is that we as a species no longer have to be slaves to the system!

The doors are open for all to walk through, to find happiness and Joy, lifestyles that serve and enrich the human experience.

Wishing you all a wonderful thanksgiving holiday, filled with family, gratitude and Joy.

CJO – Josh Willig 🤠

Ps… This picture was taken few days ago from sunset in Naggar. Part of the Joys of Himalayan autumns..